Beauty in Inconsistency with a Live Edge Conference Table

Suar wood can be made into some beautiful furniture products. Such as Suar wood table, Suar wood coffee tables, side tables, stool or furniture accessories can be made from these wood slabs. With the characteristics of the live edge and nice grain pattern, it can be a good choice for fulfilling your home with this kind of furniture.

Since the slabs are crafted carefully without leaving its original tree edges, your furniture will at first glance seem asymmetrical. However, there’s beauty in the inconsistency. These imperfect edges that actually make your furniture long-lasting and elegant as ever.

As a cherry on top, the extraordinary colors and grains from Suar wood can definitely catch every eye in the room, so that your furniture would take the whole spotlight. 

Live edge conference table

Our Suar tables come in a variety of unique sizes to choose from. 

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