Earth Inspired Beauty with a Teak Root Side Table

Because Chic Teak admires the environment, we seek to surround ourselves with its beauty by bringing elements of nature within the home. And there’s no better way to do this than with teak root furniture. Eye-catching and eco-friendly, teak root furniture gains its unique look from the wild characteristics of what grows under ground. Carved and shaped out of whole root pieces, the natural form of teak is preserved and showcased to create striking pieces of furniture. 

Teak roots are hardy and industrious natural materials. For those looking for an earth inspired interior style, teak root furniture is a wonderful addition to the home that captures nature in all her beauty.

Interested in owning your own uniquely handmade piece of furniture? Our teak root collection has a variety of pieces including this Root Side Table. Each side table is a one of a kind work of art that will complement any décor style. 

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