Our teak root tables and candle holders are stunning and unique!

This is your chance to own a one of a kind piece of furniture with unparalleled quality at the best price.  The teak root furniture we carry is carefully dug from the ground by skilled craftsman on the island of Java.  The roots are carefully and artfully sanded and finished with a clear coat of lacquer to bring out the amazing and stunning wood grains.  The artisans who create these functional works of art painstakingly finish these pieces to make sure they are leveled and sturdy to last for years to come.

Our teak root coffee tables make relaxing easy with their gorgeous and pleasing design.  Handmade from teak roots, they demand the attention of anyone in the room and can always be the centerpiece. With a glass top piece in place, the elegant designs only nature can produce are on full display.  We carry a teak root coffee table made to support a 55 inch piece of glass.  We also have a coffee table that comes with 43 inch beveled glass top included.  Finally, at approximately 61 inch diameter, we have a coffee table that's surface is fashioned from teak roots and is supported on a wonderfully finished stainless steel base.

Our teak root dining tables are beautiful and will be a sure fire conversation starter with your guests.  When entertaining, why would you settle for any old mass-produced table that anyone can own?  No two of our teak root furniture pieces are alike and you're guaranteed to on a unique product which no one else has.  In dining tables, we have a great selection of sizes to fit any need.  We have teak roots capable of supporting 48 inch, 55 inch, 63 inch and 70 inch round glass tops. We also carry a teak root for 87 x 43 inch rectangular glass top. Contact us and we can even email you pictures so you can see exactly what your particular table will look like.

To complete your teak root look, we also manufacture and sell root candle holders.  The natural organic shape of the teak root creates a sense of whimsy and style in these candle holders. The unique shape of each root blends form and function to make these candle holders true works of art. You will not find something this unique at any old furniture store.  

And finally, Chic Teak has the absolute lowest prices and best quality teak furniture you'll find anywhere.  Buy with confidence, buy Chic Teak! 

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