Set Sail with 4 Amazing New Buffet / Media Centers Made From Recycled Teak Boats

At Chic Teak, our fleet is growing! We've designed 4 amazing new recycled boat pieces that are pleasing to the eye and won't break the bank. These are some of our most gorgeous and eye-popping boat pieces to date and we know you'll be impressed. The craftsmanship is unparalleled and the materials are of the best quality so you know these recycled boat pieces will last a lifetime. Be the captain from the comfort of your own living room when you set sail with these awesome new chests and cabinets which are also popular as media centers. These pieces were all handmade using pieces from actual teak skiffs that traveled around the island of Java fishing for the day's fresh catch.

These new pieces are perfect for use as an Entertainment center, TV Stand, Buffet or Sideboard.  

They can be a great storage addition for your Living or Dining Room, Kitchen, Sunroom, Bedroom, Walk In Closet, Home office or Office, Luxury Bathroom or Home Spa or Indoor Pool Area. Also perfect for Luxury Retail stores, Hotels or Restaurants. 

Chest with 4 Doors & Raised Shelf made from Recycled Boats

Our final new recycled boat piece is also our largest. You might even call it our flagship, especially considering it has so many uses.  This chest can be used as a buffet, a media center or even just a hallway storage piece. You'll be truly impressed by the shear size and craftsmanship that went into this cabinet chest. It includes four slatted doors that open to reveal plenty of shelves for all your storage needs. The raised shelf on top is perfect for displaying your favorite collectibles or even to house an HDTV as a media center.  

It will accommodate any size flat panel television plus the shelf is perfect for housing your gaming consoles, cable boxes, Blu-Ray players and more while the cords easily tuck out of site behind.

Chest with 4 Doors made from Recycled Boats 

This beautiful cabinet has 4 slatted doors each concealing 2 spacious shelves inside. The amazing colors come from teak fishing boats and each piece has up to 20 original layers of paint on them. The chest is framed in solid grade-A teak wood using premium hardware. This teak boat cabinet is 100% solid wood and made to last a lifetime. The colors really pop and your guests will surely be impressed.

Chest with 4 doors made from recycled boats

Chest with 4 Doors made from Recycled Boats


Chest 2 Doors & 2 Drawers made from Recycled Boats 

This compact chest could be used in any number of combinations. Whether for  a hallway cabinet, a bedroom dresser or even book and knick-knack chest for a living room, this piece will be right at home.  Framed in solid A-grade teak and pieced together by reclaimed teak wood from fishing boats, this chest is truly one of a kind.  The rustic and multi-colored boats pieces in the chest really make it pop.  It also makes a perfect TV stand for a bedroom!

Chest 2 Doors & 2 Drawers made from Recycled Boats  


Chest with 3 doors and 3 drawers made from Recycled Boats 

Turn your living space into your very own tropical bay with this colorful chest with slatted doors.  Three doors open to reveal spacious shelves for plenty of storage for all your linens, books, collectibles or clothes.  Three top drawers help eliminate clutter by giving you a place to hide away small items.  This chest is framed in solid teak wood and the doors, drawers and sides are made from recycled teak wood boat pieces. This unique piece will surely stand out no matter what space you use it in.  This piece will accommodate any size flat panel TV as an entertainment center.

Chest with 3 doors and 3 drawers made from Recycled Boats 


It's clear to see the artistry that went into building and designing all of our new recycled teak boat pieces. We already have a large selection and plan to grow our fleet even larger because our customers love them as much as we do. You won't find such one-of-a-kind pieces made with such quality craftsmanship anywhere but Chic Teak.  Don't be fooled by cheaper knock-offs.  We're the only ones who can offer premium quality at such low prices. 

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