Upgrade your indoor or outdoor space with Recycled Teak Boat Furniture!

You can find bland styles of common indoor and outdoor furniture anywhere these days. But at Chic Teak, we’ve got some amazing new product lines that will please your eyes and become the focal point for any space in or around your home.   Behold the amazing style and colors incorporated into our new Recycled Teak Boat Furniture. Giving new life to teak wood used in old fishing boats are these beautiful new pieces. The skiffs used to create these functional works of art were used for years to catch fish to be sold later at local markets. Now, they are being re-fashioned into gorgeous and functional furniture pieces.

Marina Del Rey Boat BarRecycled Boat Chest

The beauty of these recycled boat products is that not only are they absolutely one of a kind, but eco-friendly as well. Each piece incorporated into the design of these products comes from a different boat and the colors span the rainbow. The furniture is crafted in small rural seaside villages on the island of Java. Skilled craftsman, many of whom have been making furniture for several generations, tastefully piece each item together. Each product is unique with boat inlays that have up to 20 original paint layers on them. All of our pieces are hand crafted and 100% solid wood, no exceptions.  These items are durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors in a covered area.

Adirondack Chair Including Footstool Made From Recycled Boats

Square Dining Table Made From Recycled Boats

Find the perfect furniture centerpiece to fit your design needs with our wide selection of Recycled Teak Boat pieces.   We have unique recycled teak boat pieces incorporated into buffets, tables, chests, bars, shelves and chairs.

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