Live Edge Suar Dining Tables, Chairs & Benches

Our stunning and unique suar wood dining tables, chairs and benches, also called live edge, are made from gorgeous tropical rain trees. Beautiful and durable, the natural aesthetic of suar wood lends itself perfectly to various types of furniture. Sought-after for its robust strength, this wood is ideal for heavy duty projects like complex desks, large cabinets or bookshelves. When considering its dependability and multicolored look, suar wood would be a fitting choice for hands-on science museum exhibits and involved art projects like sculptures or small, experimental living spaces. The choice of woodcarvers, builders and artists, modern or traditional suar wood living edge dining tables, coffee tables benches and chairs would provide a lovely accent for interior design.  Handmade by skilled artisans, they are truly functional works of art at a quality and price that can't be beat!  
Our matching Suar dining chairs and benches are handmade to fit and match perfectly with our live edge dining tables.

No two suar wood live edge dining tables or benches are alike so you will definitely own a one of a kind piece of furniture. Our photos are just an example of the unique piece you'll receive.

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