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Teak Root Dining Table Including a 63 Inch Round Glass Top


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This teak root dining table including a 63 inch round glass top is absolutely stunning! The pedestal is made from genuine teak roots that are dug up, cleaned, sanded and finished with a clear lacquer coat. This clear coat brings out the beautiful colors and accents the unusual wood grain. No two are alike so you will definitely own a one of a kind piece of furniture. These tables are all one of a kind. 

This teak root dining table embodies the quality craftsmanship and unmatched style you've come to expect from the Chic Teak brand.


  • Solid teak wood construction
  • Handmade by skilled artisans
  • One of a kind, no two are alike
  • Glass Top is included (approximately 3/8 inch thickness)
  • Glass is shatter resistant and easy to clean
  • Clear lacquer coat
  • Stunning wood grains
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors under cover




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  • Is there enough room to put your legs for 6 chairs. It’s hard to tell.

    Yes there is plenty enough leg room for 6 people, that is how this table is made/designed. We have had some customers even putting 8 chairs around this table but I'm not sure how comfortable that is.

  • Looking for quote on teak root table large enough to seat 6 people. Thanks for your help :0)

    Yes a 63" glass top will seat 6 comfortaleble, a 72" glass will seat 8 preople comfotably

  • Are you able to sell me the glass for the 70 round glass top? Also what holds the glass to the wood to keep it stable...

    Unfortunately we cannot ship this size glass because it would break in transit. We suggest ordering the glass from a local glass shop. The weight of the glass is enough to keep it to the table.

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