9 Unique Furniture Pieces Made From Teak Wood and Woven Cane

Chic Teak has the cure for dull and boring furniture. Enter the West Indies Collection made from solid teak wood and woven organic cane!  Chic Teak has become well known for our unique furniture styles and the West Indies collection is no exception! Collection includes handmade buffets, chests, cabinet, media center and writing desk.  

West Indies Collection at Chic Teak Furniture

You can own one of these pieces guilt-free since all of the materials used to construct them come from sustainable resources.  The teak wood is 100% reclaimed and repurposed which gives these pieces a rustic unfinished appearance.  The organic woven cane used on the doors and drawer fronts come from the outer vines of the rattan tree. Cane has a more natural look than everyday rattan styles out there.

West Indies Teak Collection at Chic Teak

The West Indies Chests come in 2 door, 3 door and 4 door versions.  The Buffet comes in 3 door or 4 door versions.  There is also a matching Accent Cabinet, Bookcase/Cupboard, Media Center and Writing Desk.  Chic Teak offers this hand crafted furniture for a fraction of the cost as furniture boutiques since we believe in passing our wholesale savings directly to the consumer.

West Indies Collection at Chic Teak Furniture

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